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Canvas 11 is the single most cost-effective, integrated solution for the creation, enhancement, presentation and sharing of technical illustrations and graphics.

If you work with technical illustrations and graphics, you know how daunting the task can be when a project requires various documents, images, and data – even legacy files from obscure formats or obsolete products. Canvas 11 is your cost-effective integrated solution that lets you work with reliability, accuracy, and flexibility..

Directly import from over 100 standard file formats (including PDF, DXF, and DWG) and use Canvas’ many tools and features to create stunning illustrations, graphics, and presentations that can be shared in a variety of formats.

Create with confidence

Technical illustrations require accuracy and micron-level precision from concept to finish. Canvas’ flexible environment lets you draw in any scale, define custom units of measurement, as well as grids and rulers. Add dimensioning objects that conform to industry standards, including ANSI, DIN, and JIS, or create custom settings for a specific project.

Import, view and save projects in 100+ file formats

Why work within limits when you don’t have to? From DWG, RAW DICOM to Kodak FlashPix, Canvas can open, numerous file formats so you can edit, apply effects, and export to another format. With the Canvas Print Driver (Windows XP only), ”print” almost any document – no matter the complexity – into Canvas for further enhancement and export.

Apply filters to images, text, and vector objects

With Canvas’ proprietary Sprite technology, illustrations, text, and graphics can be enhanced with both image and transparency effects without affecting the original object. This technology offers you extreme flexibility for creative art, technical illustration, and graphics production. Channel and vector masks, as well as gradient transparency tools are all on hand for stunning visuals.

Share your projects and ideas while ensuring security

At any point in the design process, you can save your Canvas documents or export as PDF, both with secure encryption and password protection. Canvas truly puts you in control of your design content by letting you decide who opens, edits, or prints your files.

Work with CGM files and study seismic data

Canvas boasts a CGM engine that is compliant with both the Aviation Transportation Authority (ATA) and Petroleum Industry Protocol (PIP) standards and offers the highest level of fidelity of the vital CGM data. The Canvas™ 11 CGM engine offers the highest level of vital CGM data fidelity and is compliant with Aviation Transportation standards (ATA). Geologists and earth scientists can import seismic data and study it with the integrated Seismic Traces palette.



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