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Graphon GoGlobal Windows

Graphon GoGlobal

GO-Global for Windows

 Now there’s a fast, simple and affordable way to securely publish your Windows programs to your network or the Web. Without changing a thing, you can make them instantly accessible to local and remote users – while retaining all your features and branding. Whether you’re an enterprise or a software vendor, GO-Global leverages your investment in Windows applications while significantly lowering your TCO.

Windows applications reside on a secure central server. Local and remote users running UNIX, Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, Windows Mobile, or Pocket PC devices simply load a tiny native client or a Web browser plug-in. The application then appears on their desktop just as though it were running locally. And thanks to our patented, high-performance RXP protocol, GO-Global provides fast, efficient access, even over high latency dial-up and Internet connections.

GO-Global for Windows eliminates the need to install Microsoft Windows Terminal Server or Citrix XenApp Server (previously called Citrix Presentation Server or MetaFrame). It’s optimized for reliable, secure, scalable application delivery to virtually any network-attached device. With our near-zero-footprint clients, only the application interface is delivered over the network and displayed on the remote devices.

Unsurpassed Product Capabilities

  • Provides instant access to Windows applications from any device or platform.
  • Retains 100% of the application’s features, functions and branding.
  • Eliminates the need for Windows Terminal Server or Citrix.
  • For improved performance, publishes or Web-enables one or more Windows applications, not the entire desktop.
  • Integrates fully with existing platforms and infrastructure.
  • Industry standard licensing manager.
  • Offered on a cost-effective, concurrent licensing basis.

Advanced Product Features

  • Server-centric solution with near zero-footprint clients.
  • RXP proprietary protocol offering high performance over low-bandwidth connections.
  • Secure operation using native server security, Secure Socket Layer (SSL), and proxy server tunneling.
  • Complete cross-platform compatibility.
  • Integrated load balancing.
  • Universal print driver
  • Support for cut, copy and paste between client and server.
  • Session reconnect.
  • Client-side printing and drive mapping.
  • Group policy support.
  • Global or user-based logon script support.
  • Client-side password caching
  • Server resource limits control and management.
  • Client time zone support.
  • Backward compatible client and server.
  • Load balancing (relay server) support in DMZ area.
  • Session shadowing.
  • Integration with Windows Performance Monitor.
  • Automatic license retrieval and installation.
  • Automatic Windows update and hotfix compatibility.
  • Session idle and timeout control.
  • Integrated Windows authentication.

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