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MS Office MAC 2008

MS Office MAC


Packed with all the tools and features you need to make your vision a success, Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac Business Edition delivers core Office applications to help you manage your business, organize your data and present a professional image; plus new Exchange Server support and reliable Office for Windows compatibility that take productivity and collaboration to new heights.

What's new about Business Edition?

  • Microsoft Office Live Workspace Support for sharing files and collaborating on projects from virtually anywhere.
  • Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services to store and share documents, calendars and more in one secure location.
  • Entourage 2008 Web Services Edition helps you stay in sync on all your devices.
  • Business templates, themes and clip art to put a professional gloss on your communications.
  • Remote Desktop for Mac 2 lets you connect from your Mac to a Windows-based PC for accessing files, applications and more.
  • Free video-based training to build your skills, whether you're a beginner or an advanced user. 

Word 2008

Create high-quality marketing materials like brochures and flyers with professionally designed, customizable templates. Add polish with business-oriented graphics and SmartArt illustrations.

PowerPoint 2008

Give more polished, creative presentations while saving time. Move about easily with the Apple Remote and take advantage of such features as animation paths and animated GIFs.

Excel 2008

Get help with financial planning via updated sorting, formatting and charting tools, together with improved formula-builder and error-finding functions.

Entourage 2008

Quickly create and track project-related emails, files, contacts and other details in one convenient location. Save your project on a server, and share it through Entourage 2008.


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