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MS Visual SourceSafe 2005

MS Visual SourceSafe

Visual SourceSafe is a version control system product that delivers restore point and parallel collaboration capabilities, thus allowing application development organizations to work on several versions of software simultaneously. The version control system introduces a check-in and check-out model in which an individual developer checks out a file, makes changes, and then checks the file back in. Other developers typically are not able to make changes to a file while it is checked out. Source code control systems also allow developers to roll back or undo any changes that later create problems.

Visual SourceSafe is a version control system that:

  • Protects users from accidental file loss.
  • Allows back-tracking to previous versions of a file.
  • Allows branching, sharing, merging, and management of file releases.
  • Tracks versions of entire projects.
  • Tracks modular code (one file that is reused, or shared, by multiple projects).
  • Remote Web Access over HTTP. Use Visual Studio to connect to Visual SourceSafe databases from anywhere in the world where HTTP or HTTPS Web access is available. (Requires Visual Studio 2005, IIS, and ASP .NET).
  • Enhanced Performance and Stability. Work faster with significantly improved LAN access speeds, particularly when using Visual SourceSafe along with Visual Studio in slow and remote RAS configurations. While maintaining the compatibility of its current client-based file share architecture, Visual SourceSafe provides significantly faster access speeds for common operations, particularly improving performance in slow and remote network situations. Robust improvements reduce the need to analyze, administer, and repair databases.
  • Increased Capacity. Data storage is increased to 4 GB, and archive limits are also enlarged.
  • Regional Time Zones and Languages. View file change histories adjusted to your local regional time zone while maintaining a separate audit log of changes synchronized to the server reference clock. Customize the user interface with any specified language and font.

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