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Sco Unix Open Server Enterprise 6.0

Sco Unix Open Server

What’s New In SCO OpenServer 5.0.7

New Hardware Support

The USB infrastructure featured in past versions of SCO OpenServer has been replaced by a robust USB 2.0 compliant subsystem, that includes the following:

  • USB 2.0 support for EHCI Host Controllers
  • USB 1.1 support for OHCI and UHCI Host Controllers
  • Bootable USB CD-ROM support
  • Class Drivers, including Keyboards, Pointing Devices, CD-ROMs, Floppy, and Mass Storage Devices
  • LS-120 and LS-240 disk drives
  • Ultra Direct Memory Access (UDMA) 100/133 support
  • Writeable EIDE CD-RW support from Microlite, Corp.
  • Updated PC-Card and new Card-Bus support
  • PCI Serial and Parallel card support for legacy-free platforms
  • LS-120 and LS-240 drive support
  • New and enhanced Graphic, Network, and HBA device drivers
  • Updated and integrated Uniform Driver Interface (UDI)

New Processor and Chip Set Support

  • Intel® Pentium™ 4
  • Intel Xeon™
  • AMD Athlon™ XP
  • AMD Athlon™ MP

New Integration Of Open Source Tools

Now you can find support for the latest Open Source Tools in SCO OpenServer, giving you unprecedented portability and flexibility.

  • New Java JDK 1.3.1
  • Java runtime now installed in the base product
  • Graphics, Web, and X-11 libraries (gwxlibs), a collection of libraries that allow for easy porting of Open Source software to SCO OpenServer

New Network Services

  • Samba, Squid, OpenSSL (Secure Sockets Layer), and OpenSSH (Secure Shell)

Updated Network features

  • BIND, FTP, IP Filter.
  • Apache has been updated and integrated with PHP, XML, ASP, and mod_perl support.
  • DocView, the new online documentation system for all SCO operating systems.
  • Updated portions of libc from UnixWare® 7.1.3
  • New GNU tools for developers, such as the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC), the GNU debugger, and other related tools such as GNU diff, wget, and CVS.
  • Mozilla Web browser, in addition to the traditional Netscape Communicator™ browser.
  • Lynx for character-based browsing.
  • New UnixWare and OpenServer Development Kit (UDK) 7.1.3

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