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Trend Micro NEAT Suite SMB

Trend Micro NEAT Suite


  • Reduces risk with comprehensive multilayered, multi-threat protection.
  • Delivers immediate protection with in-the-cloud threat intelligence.
  • New! File Reputation reduces the burden of pattern file management.
  • Provides unparalleled protection against web-borne threats by blocking access to malicious sites.
  • Offers enterprise-class scalability and configurability.
  • Lowers IT costs with maximum administrative efficiency.

NeatSuite Advanced Components

  • InterScan™ Messaging Security Suite Standard.
  • InterScan™ Web Security Suite Standard.
  • ScanMail™ Suite for Microsoft® Exchange.
  • ScanMail™ Suite for Lotus™ Domino™.
  • ServerProtect™ for Microsoft® Windows®/Novell NetWare.
  • ServerProtect™ for Linux™.
  • ServerProtect™ for NetApp™.
  • ServerProtect™ for EMC™ Celerra™.
  • OfficeScan™ 10.
  • Outbreak Prevention Services.
  • Trend Micro Control Manager™ Advanced.

Protection Points

  • Gateway
  • Mail servers
  • File servers
  • Storage systems
  • Clients

Threat Protection

  • Inappropriate content.
  • Spam and phishing.
  • Spyware, rootkits, bots.
  • Viruses and Trojans.
  • Web Threats.
  • Worms and network attacks.

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